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Turbo Kick

This high-intensity, fun-focused workout combines cardio kickboxing with athletic HIIT moves choreographed to the beat of the hottest music mixes.

You will feel invigorated and unstoppable in this class that’s high-energy and totally addicting! 



SOULfusion combines yoga flows, athletic movementand light strength training that combines into a workout that isn't just comprehensive for your body, but for your SOUL. This is a low impact but high intensity class set to music, and will make you feel muscles you weren't sure you had.



 Sweat, stretch, and strengthen—all in one unique workout! PiYo LIVE combines dynamic flowing sequences with the strength and flexibility advantages of yoga all set to the beat of the music. Using only your body weight, you’ll perform a series of high-intensity, low-impact moves that will work every single muscle.



SOULstrength is a creative blend of rhythmic resistance, cardio conditioning, manageable mobility and core strength exercises all set to crazy FUN music. SOULstrength is the total body package.


Strength & HIIT

Strength and HIIT and Metcon classes are part of our series of free form classes that combine high intensity cardio with slow and steady weight lifting. These classes aren't set to rhythm, which means everyone can take the pace that feels right to them while still getting the benefit of a high energy workout.


Fitness Performer Exclusives

Besides branded formats, we also have SPIKED, similar in nature to Turbo Kick, weighted classes to a beat similar to Bodypump or Barbell strength, and dance fitness classes that are either track by track or learning a routine. We have a bit of everything, which makes it easy for you to find your soulmate workout and keep coming back for more!

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