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Live GROUP Fitness Energy from the comfort of your own home.

We get it. You're bored, you're tired, you need a workout that will tap into your inner energy and make you feel accomplished, fulfilled, and excited to conquer your day. That's the vibe of the Fitness Performer.

We're a bunch of overstimulated, slightly anxious, go-getter type of people who feel like working out should be fun and keep us engaged. We're here for the experience, not the workout, and we want that incredible high that only comes from doing your best. 

This community isn't about looking a certain way or glorifying a specific physique: although we like to work hard, we do it for the love not the aesthetic, and we welcome all abilities and bodies, you just have to be okay to accept a challenge no matter where you are in your fitness journey. 

Are you ready to be inspired and love fitness in a way you didn't think possible? Check out our plans and pricing page for more details. 

Who is The Fitness Performer?

The Fitness Performer- Lindsey Coleman

Lindsey Coleman is a fitness professional and performer of over fifteen years that has served as a Master Trainer, national fitness conference presenter, public speaker, and fitness writer. Combining her performance expertise with the community of Group Fitness is her passion, and with a Masters degree in Vocal Performance, her philosophy in fitness and life is the same as in performing: find your motivation, escape into that inspiration, and then give it all you've got. While working with Lindsey, you can expect a high energy style that combines fun and function, trying to create a true “fitness experience” so that you are completely immersed into the workout.

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